Paul Mattingly is an improvisational comedian, podcast host, author and actor. He came to Las Vegas to be a professional Klingon at “Star Trek, The Experience” where he worked for nearly a decade. During this time, he also began working with, “The Second City”, at the, “Flamingo”, where he became a Mainstage ensemble member and co-wrote three shows with the company. He is a published author with his holiday tale, “Christmapus, the Christmas Octopus”, available now on (get yours today!!!) He is the co-host of two successful and long running podcasts “Geekshock” and “Matt and Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social”, both available on itunes or wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. He performs weekly with his comedy partner Matt Donnelly in “Matt and Mattingly’s Bucket Show”, a live improvisation production simulcast on Periscope .  He is an avid toy collector, voracious comic book reader, Star Wars fan boy, animation junkie, video gamer and music lover. His dream is to pilot a giant robot.